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Reforming UN – II

International Political Science Department
– 2005 –

Reforming UN

2. Principles of Compensation

There are really poor countries members of the UN. Usually we think to the countries from Africa or Asia. These countries need a special attention from the World community, and nobody denies that.
Unfortunately, some people not only try to obtain advantages from their recognized status as developing countries, but they blame also the rich countries for a non-equal share of the World prosperity and act against them ultimately.
This attitude confirms the frustration-aggression theory, which has to major form of expression: International Affirmative Action and North-South Dichotomy.

a. International Affirmative Action

The expansion of the affirmative action, from the national level to the international level, becomes an active political agenda for activists and populist regimes. This is giving a boost to the anti-capitalist, anti-American and anti-globalization movements.
The actual 60th birthday anniversary of UN raised the problem of economical aid for less fortunate Africa’s states. The problem becomes a bitter dispute with attacks against the developed countries, especially United States.

The most common topic is that the rich countries have the moral obligation, and must increase even more their help to 0.7% from every nation GDP.
USA opposed because with the contribution of 0.15% from GDP, US is the most generous international donor. Indeed, the American GDP was in 2004, $11.750 trillions. The American contribution of 0.15% for the development aid, represent $17.625 billions. The criticism is directed to US blamed not doing enough to pay their “historical imperialist sin”.

This position moves the relations between the rich and poor in a vicious circle of donor forever and beggar forever. Maybe never was more accurate the proverb: “Teach a man how to fish and he will never be hungry again.”

That’s why, Jose Barroso the President of the European Commission stressed on the importance of the international trade: “A one percentage point increase in Africa’s share of global trade would deliver four or five times more income every year than the continent currently receives in aid.”

Part I. – The analysis of today UN stereotypes
1. Principles of non-intervention
3. Principles of Compensation – North-South False Dichotomy
Part II. – Consideration about the UN transformation
1. Principles for the construction
2. Methods of democratization
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