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Reforming UN – V

International Political Science Department
– 2005 –

2. Methods of democratization
Democratization of the nations is the most important process that must be taken in consideration. It is essential to emphasize on the democratization of the nation, because this is the foundation for the government democratization.
There are some principles to transform the stagnant and isolated societies and to overthrown the despotic regimes.

The power of examples is a path to introduce the democracy even in the countries without a democratic tradition.
The recent election in Afghanistan shows a huge national support for the democratization, 12,5 million Afghans voted and defying the Taliban’s’ threats.
I am so happy, so happy. Before was no democracy, now we have democracy. Democracy means freedom”; “We’re building our country, we’re making our parliament”, are the voices that show the change in the life of this once oppressed and isolated nation.
In Iraq the election since last year was other example of the popular support for democratic reform, despite the threats and fierce propaganda conducted by terrorist groups against the democratic changes. Today the government announced the first sign of reconstruction and the progress, despite the attacks against the citizens and authorities conducted by the terrorist groups.
And both situations presented, are the very proof of the democratization by example, even if the contact was realized by an external intervention.

A nation in contact with the democratic world is changing faster than the isolated nation.
The isolated North Korea is the most tyrannical and the most aggressive country. But the population doesn’t realize that because the isolation. This is the reason that Kim Jong-Il the dictator of the country seems to be strongly supported by the nation.
On the other side, encouraging signs comes from the countries considered poles of terrorism: Afghanistan and Iraq.

The intervention by force should be the last resort to re-instate the human dignity in the countries with barbaric and despotic regimes.
The UN organization should have the right to intervene everywhere and any time when a regime from any country, member or non-member of UN, kills, tortures and oppresses the population; harbor terrorist organization; produces WMD (weapons for mass destruction).

The UN membership is not a right.
The members of UN, which violates the human rights, should be expelled and the Security Council should impose the harsh sanctions.
Who wants to take advantage as a member of the world organization, should know that has a duty to carry his burden and to defend the democracy and the human rights and to respect the international law.

Part I. – The analysis of today UN stereotypes
1. Principles of non-intervention
2. Principles of Compensation – International Affirmative Action
3. Principles of Compensation – North-South False Dichotomy
Part II. – Consideration about the UN transformation
1. Principles for the construction
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