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Emigrant in America

10 Iulie 2020

Letter from an Eastern European immigrant

Mircea Popescu

Criticizing progressivism, I do not know whether, in the event of a victory of their revolution in November, the progressive elements will not consider it necessary to re-educate me.
Or, perhaps, having the citizenship of an Eastern European country, implicitly also the citizenship of the European Union, I will be taken in custody from the first European airport by some ”guards of truth” for re-education in the cult of progressive values that any European will be obliged to learn and respect them.
Living in communism for so many years, nothing would surprise me.

We see how in Communist China the methods of the Cultural Revolution of the 1970s are being implemented in Hong Kong today, by banning books on democracy, suppressing any protest movements, and arresting leaders of opposition.
And this Cultural Revolution finds its disciples in America and Europe during these years, disciples who intimidate those with different ideas and who demand the introduction of censorship when it comes to exercising the right to free expression of those with other opinions.
If these policies of aggressive censorship are also supported by politicians who adhere to the same progressive doctrine, the dictatorship is on the rise.

Affirmative action has become, over time, a tool used by progressivism for the implementation in society of a true dictatorship of the many ”minorities” self-invented to obtain advantages in the name of past or imagined discrimination.

Once established authoritarian policies of affirmative action, in American or European universities, so praised policy of the inclusive environment through which anyone can freely express their opinions and views, feeling safe from abuse, harassment or unfounded criticism, is long gone.

Social and political PROGRESSISM has ”de facto” given up the policy of inclusion, because progressivism does not want the COEXISTENCE of its own values, which it considers superior, but fights for the ANNIHILATION of the conservative and traditional values.

And the values promoted by the progressive world have become the psalms of the modern Bible of progressivism.

One of the values considered superior is to belong to the black community. Being white becomes equal to being a descendant and therefore responsible for slavery.
Millions of Europeans who, with the sweat of their brow and the strength of their own arms, have helped build America and built their own lives without exploiting others, feel marginalized, intimidated and humiliated by this discriminatory slogan ”Black Lives Matter”.

People who have fled oppression elsewhere, seeking in America freedom and the opportunity to live with dignity, in peace and harmony, are today in a position to re-experience episodes from the authoritarian regimes of the countries they came from.
America has always been regarded as a land of promise to which the peoples of the world have aspired.

Today, our country is envied and that is why it has many enemies who are trying to bring us to our knees.
Do we need the division of American society which means destruction from within?
Do political attacks, strictly for taking power, which like any power is temporary, justify America’s long-term weakening?

The slogan „Make America Great Again” means exactly the return of America to the role of example for a free life, worthy of everyone, for a strong country capable of resisting united to any attacks and challenges.
It means returning to the values on which the American of that profound America bases his existence and which is the foundation of American unity and patriotism.
These are the values that have saved America in the most dramatic moments of its history.
We don’t have the right to destroy them; we don’t have the right to destroy America.

In November we will have a choice on which direction to go.
Will it be the path of profound America on which the greatness of America has been built, or will be the path of global progressivism that will deepen the division of the nation?


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