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    octombrie 2022
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Atacked values

For the „crime” to be white, Christian, and no-gay, you MUST apologize.
Oh, it’s not „1984”, it’s 2020.


14 Iunie 2020

Atacked values

The fundamental and perennial values of society that want to be changed by progressivism are family, tradition, work and nation. Exactly these are being attacked in the universities that have to give the leaders of tomorrow.

The foundations of the traditional family are being destroyed by LGBT organizations, movements to promote gender diversity, openly supported by Democrats and European governments filled with progressives of various liberal, socialist or false (converted) conservative overtones.

Tradition, one of the basic pillars of society, is dug to the root by inciting the destruction of the symbols themselves. First of all, the most visible are the cultural tradition and the historical tradition that define the development of society. The desecration of statues, the elimination of artistic creations made by generations, the refusal to celebrate astral events in the history of peoples are just a few examples. But the list is much longer.

Work is beginning to be replaced by social assistance, encouraging wider groups of people to live on the backs of society as a source of social instability and to be used as a mass of political maneuver or a source of instability, chaos and anarchy.

The nation and the nation-state are doomed to extinction by the aggressive assault of the elites of the global progressive movement infiltrated at the top of major international institutions and agencies (EU, UN, etc.), European political cabals, such as various „international” political groups PPE, PES, ALDE , Greens, etc., or foundations and organizations with a progressive agenda such as those funded by Soros in the „open society” programs.

The „dolce far niente” state of those who think differently than is induced by the circles and the progressive media is just a sure recipe for the collapse of the normal world.
Not the sporadic and singular voices, but a strong public choir finalized by organizing a social movement for the defense of fundamental values coagulated around conservative political forces, is the barricade against the furious attacks of world progressivism.
It takes determination, courage and unity to amplify courage.

But if the greed and fear of expressing your belief persists, then „leave all hope.”

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