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Biden vs. Trump *

June 12, 2020

Biden vs. Trump

Is Biden more moderate than Trump?
He has no ideas, no opinions, no exit plan, no perspective for America, nothing. Exactly a mollusk, as he was as vice president.

It even took Obama a while to rush to support him in the absence of a democratic alternative.

Maybe, you don’t like Trump because he is firm, like a true leader, a man who clearly affirms his conservative and nationalist beliefs and who uncompromisingly fulfills his campaign promise.
For him, America is above political arrangements, because he is not a politician and does not come from a family of politicians with various ties and obligations.
Trump is the guarantor of the economic development and prosperity of the average American.

And he is a barrier to the progressive agenda that brings chaos and instability to both America and the world.

What does a Biden, a corrupt politician, pushed by the democratic establishment without credible options, offer you?

If corruption, the ideology of hatred, of „affirmative action” by which the majority becomes discriminated against, if the lack of perspective for a sovereign and strong America smiles on you, then Biden is truly the right candidate.

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